Thursday, May 19, 2011

Malacca Pork Rib Noodle

This is the shop I usually frequent for their Pork Rib noodle aka Pai Kuat Mee. It is located just opposite the famous shop- Hing Loong which also sells the same thing. I had tried both shop and I find that the 2 tasted the same.

But I prefer, this shop: Hong Kee, located just opposite the Taiwan Mee shop.

Things sold there. They have small, medium and large. For ladies, order the small size. Order L only when you are super duper hungry.

Foods here are cheaper compared to Hing Loong.

Same Pork Ribs, juicy and well marinated.

Same noodles, but I think the one here have a stronger herbal taste, look at the over flowing sauce.

Each bowl of noodle comes with a small bowl of soup, just like Hing Loong, but for the soup, the one here is milder.

Eat the meat with the chilli sauce or mix the chilli sauce in the noodles, it is tastier either way.

Opposite of Hing Loong
Jalan Bachang
75300 Melaka


bacterium said...

Pork ribs.. Reminds me of Nuri's Warung back in Bali. But travelling to Malacca just for pork ribs is just too illogical. Post some KL food review!

meichi said...

bacterium: thks for the advice... ^^will do so in te future

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