Thursday, May 19, 2011

Malacca Pork Rib Noodle

This is the shop I usually frequent for their Pork Rib noodle aka Pai Kuat Mee. It is located just opposite the famous shop- Hing Loong which also sells the same thing. I had tried both shop and I find that the 2 tasted the same.

But I prefer, this shop: Hong Kee, located just opposite the Taiwan Mee shop.

Things sold there. They have small, medium and large. For ladies, order the small size. Order L only when you are super duper hungry.

Foods here are cheaper compared to Hing Loong.

Same Pork Ribs, juicy and well marinated.

Same noodles, but I think the one here have a stronger herbal taste, look at the over flowing sauce.

Each bowl of noodle comes with a small bowl of soup, just like Hing Loong, but for the soup, the one here is milder.

Eat the meat with the chilli sauce or mix the chilli sauce in the noodles, it is tastier either way.

Opposite of Hing Loong
Jalan Bachang
75300 Melaka

Monday, May 9, 2011

Malacca Food Haven: Hing Loong Taiwanese Mee

The famous shop which are famous of their beef noodles.

The signboard reads Taiwanese Beef Noodle King.

Too bad that I can't eat beef, so I had only tried the Pork Ribs Noodle. Nevertheless, it is also yummy.

It definitely is 'Taiwan' mee. Look alot of green onions, just like how I had it in Taiwan. The noodles that they serve there is soya noodles. (I'm not sure whether they had other types of noodles, cause I usually had this).
Price is RM4.20.

The noodles tasted a bit bland, their specialty is the fried pork rib- well marinated and crispy.

We add another plate of fried pork ribs. I can't really remember how much is this plate.

The price list. Although the fried pork ribs is written RM2.70, I think it is more that stated. You need to ask the lady boss to re-confirm.

Be prepared to wait when you go on the weekends.

The shop's address:
No. 11-J, Jalan Bachang,
75300 Melaka

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sheng Jian Bao Vs Xiao Long Bao

On our last day, we decided to eat 'BIG' because we did not really spend much during the last 5 to 6 days, hence we paid a visit to Din Tai Fung which is very near to our hotel, Hotel 73, for lunch and Mr. J for dinner... yummy...the past few days we had been consuming local delicacies in Taipei's night market.

On the last day we wanted to be more class. No more night went to the Xinyi branch which is located at the corner of Yun Kang St. It is only a 2-3 minutes walk from our hotel.

We're so shocked at the crowd outside the restaurant. Most of the customers are Japanese. Din't know that Japanese love Chinese cuisine. But in Japan also got alot of Din Tai Fung branch ma, why still come over to Taiwan's? >.< Malaysia also have a branch

Japs...taking pictures sumo weii... ^^ loved their fashion style.

The current number is 93 (as u can see from the picture above) and our number is ermm... I can't remember but it is a number very faraway from the current one. And so...

Photo Time!!

We ♥ the mascot ( Mr Big Head Dragon Pao). 

We then got tired with the crowd, the wait and Mr Dragon Pao, we decided to explore the area.

The cook are making 生煎包 aka Sheng Jian Bao aka fried pork bun. They purposely display it through the window, to attract customers from Din Tai Fung-like us?

We hesitated but then decided why not >.<

The restaurant- KaoChi. The crowd not as much as Din Tai Fung, but we still have to wait awhile tho, 3-5 minutes maybe.

Cute display.

Our pao had finally arrived. The waitress got shocked when we told her that we only wanted the 生煎包 aka Sheng Jian Bao. We assumed that this is their specialty since they are making it through the window display. The price is NT$180 for 10 pcs. We managed to finish it since we were too hungry...haha

Difference between Xiao Long Bao and SJB is on the skin, and the method of cooking. XLB is steamed while SJB is pan fried. Both have a soupy fillings but SJB not as soupy as XLB.

After finishing the 10 pcs, we quickly get our ass off KaoChi and by the time we reached Din Tai Fung, our number is being called.

Must-haves when eating xiao long bao: sliced ginger with vinegar.

Finally it arrived the legendary XLB. Price is NT$190, also in 10s. Very nice lo I tell you..juicy!!

I still remember the my first XLB, it was in Singapore's Din Tai Fung years back and I had fell in love since then. The first time I had XLB, I had the soup dripping all over. After years of eating XLB, I finally mastered the skill, lol.

How I eat my XLB: 
1. I bite off a little bit of the skin from the side.
2. Quickly suck out a bit of the soup but be carefull not to dry up the whole XLB.
3. Then, dip it with the vinegar.
4. Take a few piece of the sliced ginger and put it on top of the XLB.
4. After finishing your XLB, quickly prepare the chopstick to grab another one before someone gets it. ;p

We also had the Pork Rib Noodles (NT$170). We leaved Din Tai Fung with a big smile ...^^...
Seems like promoting Din Tai Fung..haha..and so this post marks my last one on my Taiwan trip. Hmmph..let me think what can I write next . . . till then

 Bye Taiwan. 再见 了台湾。
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