Thursday, April 28, 2011

♥ Jay Chou Restaurant - Mr.J 義法廚房II ♥

Am supposed to be studying for the exam tomorrow..but am too lazy, too much stuff to read and memorize...and ended up here writing a post on Mr J French Italian Restaurant II. As I know, there are 2 Mr J's restaurant in Taiwan. The one that we went is themed after the movie 'Secret'.

The restaurant is located just behind Taipei Medical University Hospital. You can take any bus which has the University route or take a cab. Quite suprising to us that the restaurant is located in the Campus. Rich Taipei student. How nice it would be to have Mr J restaurant in my university as it would increase my chance of meeting Mr J...(daydreaming)

Love the restaurant...Everything Jay and 'Secret' co-incidentally I just watched the movie the other day in Hot Spring Resort.

Those who had watched the movie will understand!! >.<

The piano from the film is also there...

The cute waitress's uniform.

The menu. The restaurant serves french-italian food like the name suggests. The price is more or less like those of Chillis or TGIF. At 1st we wanted to order 2 main meals to be shared among us three. But the waitress told us that there is a minimum spend for each customer (i think thats what she means cos I can't really understand her).

All the sets comes with complimentary soup, salad and garlic bread. Soups so-so...too watery, but the cream soup is tastier than the red one. There is also complimentary drinks for the set.

Mains: Fettuccine with mushrooms and bacons (top) and Three Cup Chicken Pizza. Yummy yummy..both are delicious, with generous amounts of meats and cheese. But I prefer the pasta, the pizza's crust can be improved. It is not crunchy enough. The portion is big, the 3 of us can hardly finish the mains.

Complimentary cakes.

We ordered another 2 cakes to fulfill the requirements of 'each customer needs to spend a minimum of NT$ XXX (x because I forgot how much is the minimum). The cakes are each NT$70. The complimentary cakes tasted way better. The above cakes may look good on the outside but it tasted only ok as it is too dry. Do not judge a book by its cover. 

Our bill: NT$ 857. Price is ok, as the food is good and the 3 of us is very full after the meal. Hence, we stroll around the restaurant for more pictures to digest the foods.

Good bye Mr. J. I will definitely visit you again, when I have the chance. T.T..

I was dreaming to have a chance to meet Jay in his restaurant..too bad...he's busy, maybe... hmmphh..

Since, Taipei 101 is near, we decided to take a few pictures with 'one of the world's tallest building'.

Really tall building...we are the tiny black figures in front of it..

Unique structure, me ♥!!

♥ my jacket..its a gift from my dear family for my bday.. ♥♥

Interior of Taipei 101 mall. Not many shops which are open, not many shoppers.. Suria KLCC is way better.

After that, we took a bus to Shihlin Night Market to try foods that we missed out on our first trip. No picture on our 2nd trip to Shihlin Night Market, camera battery dead. T.T...

And that marks our last night in Taiwan. The next day, we checked out from out hotel and BYE Taipei, HELLO Kuala Lumpur.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Taipei Hotel 73

We stayed in Hotel 73 during the last day of out trip to Taiwan. The link to the hotel website is provided in case you wanted to have a look at it. At first we decide to stay in different hotels/hostel during our 7 days trip, but we were just to lazy to look around for hotels while carrying our luggages.

Lazy people like us should just book a hotel and just stay there for your entire trip to save the hassle of finding new hotels each day, as well as save time. But I will try staying in different hotels for my next trip. This is because  1) You can have the experience of staying in many different hotels 
2) Every hotel has different attractions nearby which makes it easier for you to visit, if you are just staying nearby
3) Just for the fun of it, and you can boast to your friend that you had stay in many-many hotels

Creative HO73L = Hotel 73

Eating the stolen free biscuits in the hotel lobby. There is also a Mac pc at the lobby for hotel guest use.

Comfortable room and nice wall stickers.

The room's quite budget.NT$2300  with breakfast provided. There are plenty of Hongkie (HK) guest in the hotel.

Sisterly love. The loves of my life.

Hotel 73 is very near to Chiang Kai Shek memorial. It is only a few minutes walk from the hotel. Help is provided by the not-very friendly hotel staff. We went for a walk there and took a few pictures.

The 3 of us with Chiang Kai Shek in the background.

Bought this cuties in a shop nearby the hotel. NT$ 500 for 2.

No food in this post. Will update on the Din Tai Fung and Jay Chou in the next entry(s), if I'm not lazy. Arrgghh...Be a more efficient blogger...urghh

Monday, April 18, 2011

Taiwan Day 5: Wufenpu & Raohe Night Market

Harlow, my abandoned blog.

Back to my taiwan trip. takes forever for me to finish blogging on my taiwan trip...sorry if I bored ya..tis will be the 2nd last post of bear with it ya.. ^^

Day 5, we decided to pay a visit to Wufenpu, 五分埔, a shopping haven for the ladies. Before heading to Wufenpu, we had our breakfast somewhere near our hotel.

Day 5: run out of clothes to wear and the skirt is way too long for me and the hotel sandals are way more comfortable than my boots thus fashion disaster. At day 5, our room seems like had just survived a tornado attack.

Our breakfast. Random cute schnauzer. Note: We did not have dogs for our breakfast. The menus are all in chinese, we used our kindergarten level chinese to try hard to understand the menu and we had:

Dry noodles (NT$35), we wanted something soupy, guess we need to improve our chinese. But this noodle is very tasty, this bowl only contains noodle, meat sauce, green onions and bean sprout. I think the secret to the tastiness is in the sauce and the meat. yum yum...

We also ordered the Sou Gong Tan Ping ( Handmade Egg Biscuit?), NT$25. I still prefer the one in Fu Hang. This one here is a bit dry. Oppss..I think I did not order this in Fu love the skin, very crispy, but can rarely taste the egg.

After the breakfast, we proceed to the suppose-shopping-haven. We reached there at about 11 am, and no shops are open. After asking the locals, then only we know that the shops there open after 12pm, and some 12.30pm.

And so, we explore the area around and we stumble upon:

*anime Big sparkly eye* when we saw dis, Lu Rou Fan, already had lu rou fan like 3 times during this trip and Imma Lovin it' ^^ I guess tis Formosa Chang is quite famous, judging from the shop's size...

Lu Rou Fan, NT$30. Yummy..yummy...tis is the best that we had tasted during our trip.

We also had the Bento, NT$79. The bento contains abit of everything from fish, chicken, taiwan sausage, egg to beancurd. There's only 1 word to describe the bento, sucky. The egg and beancurd is hard, rice- no taste. But the meats are ok.

From what I observed, you must order the eggs and beancurd separately, it seems fresher than the ones in Bento.

Then, we went across the street to Cosmed, to stock up on mask and some hair products.The 'My Beauty Diary Mask' there are dirt cheap-NT$396  for a box of 10 pieces. Another must buy for ladies when they are visiting Taiwan is Liese hair product range.I bought the Liese Juicy Hair Shower and the Hair Cocktail for only NT$199 each. Can you imagine the satisfaction?

Next up is time for 12.30 pm, most of the shops in Wufenpu are opened. Clothes, bags, shoes everywhere.I dislikes the service of the shopkeeper there, what to do, there are also cons behind every pros, und und (understand)?

We did not really get many stuff there, it is the cool season and most of the stuff are jackets, coats and thick clothing, which is so useless in Malaysia.

Us at the Raohe Rainbow Bridge. Nothing much over there, just loitering around while waiting for the Raohe Street Night Market. It is about 15 mins walk from Wufenpu to the Night Market.

Nice-grand-looking temple next to the Raohe Street Night Market. The famous pepper biscuit, which I had mentioned before here, is located in this night market. It is so easy to spot, just next tot he entrance, look for the stall with the queue. We did not queue bcos we wanted to save our tummy for other foods, as we had tried the pepper biscuit during our visit to Shihlin Market.

小龙包/ 汤包 aka Xiao Long Bao/ Tang (Soup) Bao, NT$35. People who dislikes 'greens', please stay away from this.

3-inch Mini Burger. Price differs according to flavor. Quite expensive, judging from the size. Can 'kao tim' (settle) in one bite. I personally dislikes the sweetness of the bun but my sis loves it.

Gloves for the babies. Cuteee!!

Red Bean soup with Taro Ball and So Ping, NT$ 60. I love the So Ping in the soup. It is a type of biscuit or should I call it pastry, idk. It gives the soup a buttery taste and I love it so much I'm missing it now. If any of you who does not like the red bean soup, there is also the peanut soup.

When we were about to leave the market after deciding that we were too full to consume any more food, our nose attracts us to this stall:

MUST TRY : 麻油 鸡腿 ( Sesame Chicken Drumstick), NT$120. There are also other parts of the chicken other than drumstick which cost NT$90. You can also order their mee sua to be eaten together with the chicken. We did not order the noodles as our stomach can no longer fit any more food. We got no choice but to order the chicken because of its irresistible smell.

Idk why but all the drumsticks in Taiwan are like Jumbo size, Malaysia ones are mini size. Why? Can some one tell me why? It is so nice to have a bowl of soup in cold weather. The sesame oil is so fragrant and the soup is so tasty. One thing bad is the oily-ness, but who cares, it is so tasty. Spot my sis hand wanting to steal the soup from me.

Other foods that we tried in Raohe Street Night Market:

After the delicious food feast in Raohe, we took a bus back and rest till the next morning. Our stomach's gonna explode from all the food.

Raohe Street Night Market is one of the best night market we had visited during our trip (besides Shihlin, of course) with wide varieties of food.

Signing off now. Stay tune for the next post where we went to the much awaited Jay Chou Restaurant.
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