Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

Happy CNY everyone...yeah..I know, it is already the 6th day of cny but late is better then not wishing right...

Same ol' routine every year...1st day went visiting to my grandma's ( father's side), then to grandpa's (mummy' side) and then makan-makan. This year's cny holiday is too short, only 4 days, how I wish I can have longer holidays. I swear imma give everyone 15 days of holiday, if I'm the PIC to arrange the holidays.

OK. Enough of complaining this CNY. Let the pictures do the talking. There are not much pictures to show as I look so fat in all the pictures.Sobxx

I grown so much fatter compared to last year cny, I can only scream 'DIET', which has never been successful since the past 5 years. I's so gonna be a fat ol' aunty...hmm...maybe I should start to write a post on my journey from a thinner-me to the now-me.. T.T

This is what causes all my chubby-ness...but it is too irresistible..

The 3 of us...the bro is not cooperative. Happy Chinese New Year!!
  • Have a prosperous year ahead.
  • Be as cute as the bunny in the bunny year.
  • Stay slim for the ladies.
  • Be pretty/handsome thru out the year.
  • Wallet stay fat-fat thru out the year.
  • Stay healthy
  • Happy Bunny Year 2011!!


Hilda Milda™ said...

I like yr brown bag, niceeee :D

meichi said...

hilda: thks ^^

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