Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Krabi- Proper Review

Picture courtesy of Mr Robert
Due to the popular demand for the Krabi post, I am gonna review more on my krabi trip, which happened last year. We went to Krabi with AirAsia, which totalled up to RM788 for 2 person, inclusive of pre-booked luggage & pre-booked seat. I would recommend web check in, to save time and to avoid the queue.

The last time we went Taiwan, we did web checked in, and we managed to avoid the queue which is way long, and we are shown to the express counter to check in our luggage, I can still remember the jealousy in their eyes for those who are queuing. And since we save so much of times, we went to &-eleven in Taoyuan to do some last min shopping. lol..

Back to Krabi, our trip is 4D3N and it is more of a relaxing island trip. We went there on mid-Sept, and since it is their non-peak, there are not many tourist, thus we roam freely ard the AoNang Beach with discounts everywhere during dinner.

We stayed at AoNang Buri Resort for the whole trip. The hotel is at Nopparat Thara Beach. I can't remember how much is the hotel, but as I remember, it is quite affordable. We took the superior room with breakfast.

The first thing to greet us when we enter the room is the folded-goose?-towel, very honeymoon feel, which we like. So, we started to snap snap n snap...

Although being promised seaview room...

These is what we get: some green pool view and so-called garden and the last picture is the only 1 with the closest seaview...but ok laR for the price.. ( sorry for the blurry pic..reason: i took video n screenshot for this pic)

So, after putting our luggage n a few snaps, we went to explore the beach n to find something to eat.

After some tedious walking, at last we came across this wooden bar: HIPPIES-Bar& Rest, which also sells food. It takes like forever for the food to arrive, only us in the bar and no other customer.

After waiting for ages, at last our food arrived, l-r: Guey Teow Pad Thai Gai 70 baht (Fried Noodle Thai Style with Chicken ), Khow Pad Kruang Kang Gai 70 baht( Fried Rice Red Curry with Chicken), Tom Yam Goong 100 baht.

My 1st time eating Pad Thai, dislike the sweetness and also too much of nuts. The fried rice is so-so. Tom Yam is tasty, but a lil spicy.

At night we went to the night market at town, the journey is about 30-45 mins, passing through some very dark highways which is very scary. We went there with a car, amazingly the 6 of us can fit in a sedan. Mind you, it is 6 not including the driver. I can't feel my leg once I get down from the car.

No pictures from the night market, all blurry and out of focus.

The 2nd day we went for Island Hopping with a speed boat. The experience is unforgettable, the six of us conquer the front of the boat, it is not cover, thus we experience the 1st class sun, wind and it is bumpy. Look at our hair, especially mine, kisses on my mouth cause my lips looks fugly.

View from our VIP seat.

No more pictures after this, as our camera is dead. Following pictures are from Mag's camera and edited by her.

Phi Phi Island.

Phi-Phi town.

We reached our hotel at about 4pm and we even managed to explore the hotel's 'green pool'. We brave ourself to enter the suppose-to-be-blue 'green' pool, and we survived with no skin disease what-so-ever.

I am so tanned after the boat trip. Say bye-bye to fair skin. At night we had McD for dinner at AoNang beach's town and did a bit of shopping there too.

Me at the hotel's lobby before the McD dinner.

The other things that we did in Krabi you can view it here.

I guess that concludes our Krabi trip, yeah..seems boring...again the trip is unplanned...regret to the max...will re-visit and improve. Till then...take care!!


~Snowman~ said...

nice sea view! =) wish i can go krabi one day too!

SIM YEE said...

its a perfect destination for honeymoon. such beautiful view of ocean. thanks for sharing =)

meichi said...

snowman: for sure u will have the chance to visit krabi one day ^^
simyee:ur welc..n thks for visiting...much lovess ^^

Hilda Milda™ said...

wow the swan towel is really nicely folded (: Krabi sounds fun though, might consider going there for hols next time!

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

OMG the view is so beautiful! It feels so natural. So sweet oh~ ^^

crazywrazy said...

woots krabi island scenery not bad! I am here to visit!

Melvino said...

Nice view at krabi..Defintely will check it out on my next hol!

HocanLai said...

swan towel so nice!!

isroxck said...

Wow the view's so breathtaking !!!!!!

meichi said...

thks to all of u for visitin n leaving comments...
yeah...krabi is cool~

jingiindec said...

Nice..Can i know one person spending around how much in this trip?

meichi said...

Jing: i cant reali remember the exact expenditure, but 1 person is less than RM1 k..
hope that helps ^^

Surin Beach Phuket said...

Thank you nice article. Krabi is just a few hours' drive from Phuket.
I am someone who really love white beaches and crystal clear waters on the beach of Krabi and phuket.

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