Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yu Ai Seafood Noodle @ Segambut

I'm at first skeptical of the uber-expensive seafood noodle...Rm17 for a bowl of noodle?? but i jz tag along as my sis suggested the place..for that price, i tot we will be going to an air-conditioned restaurant but the shop is located in a row of shop-which doesn't seem alive...3 big pots of soups greeted us at the front of the shop...and the heat is unbearable..the upstairs air-con level is not open, so we gt no choice but to be seated at the back of the shop, out in the open aired back alley...but the back alley is kinda airy and cooling because of the shades from the big trees..

And so the 3 of us ordered 2 big bowls of the noodle-tomyam and curry..i prefer the curry, as the tomyam is a tad too sour..

Tomyam - look at the amount of cuttle fish given.

Every slurp is accompanied by either prawn / fish / mussel / lala / can barely find the noodles in that bowl, it is indeed very sea-foody..compared to othr seafood noodles where you can barely find the seafood..

The 2 big bowls is very filling for our stomachs...mind you, we ordered 2 bowls for 3 person. I was wondering how on earth can 1 person finish a bowl of that big-ass sized seafood noodle.

So the Rm17/ bowl is ok, if you divide 17 by is only bout rm8.50/pax...but for the amount of is definitely worthy... But again, Segambut is abit too far from my place, lucky for me, Yu Ai has a branch in SS2, YAY, but i stil think that the soup in the Segambut branch is more flavorful...


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