Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eat out @ Shogun, Pyramid

Went to Shogun for lunch today to celebrate the last paper this semester...and there goes my diet again...The total dine-in amount for 2 pax is RM83..so its RM41.50/pax and its is alrdy aftr 20% discount...the buffet is so not worthy, both of us din really eat muc..

Also, the quality of Shogun has dropped again since the last time I went. Everytime I will enter Shogun with high hopes and came out disappointed..I guess the hottest buffet in town right now is Tao in Sunway Giza...but I stil hasn't gotten the chance to visit it.

The Tako sashimi tasted - bluerk - even the 1 in sushi king tasted better..i duno why, but it just taste weird, maybe its because of the coloring.

The only thing that I had the most is the salmon sashimi, altho there are sushi chains out there who has better sashimi, but after all it is Shogun, what can I expect, right?

The faux shark fin soup which has a weird taste of plastic in it, the vinegar,maybe ?

The foot-long sausage teppanyaki. Tasted like normal sausages that you can buy from supermarket, only difference is in the size.

The 2 pictures below is from my last visit to Shogun in 1 Utama.

Everytime after a heavy buffet meal, we will stroll around the mall to help us digest the high calorie intake. The last time we went to toys R' us and it makes me feel like a kid all over again..erm a big kid maybe.

Signing of the post with a giant in a miniature toy house @ toys R' us.


bacterium said...

That's toy house? I think it is fit as a doghouse as well. Surely it looks posh. Never been to shogun before, looks good. Cheers!

Chong said...
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Chong said...

I went to tao before...1st time visit was nyam nyam...but not for the 2nd time...choices of food not that much actually...but must try the takoyaki,teriyaki lamb(but u not so into lamb, i know..haha),unagi fried rice,those teppanyaki(i not so like their taste, maybe it suits you kot...),crab meat with cheese, the clam with mayo (dunno what its name, try figure out)...everything is in the menu except for the teppanyaki...one more thing, their sushi is a no no, you can try if you wan..hahaha...sashimi is worth trying...hehe


meichi said...

xm: woah...u went twice to tao sumo eh...din ajak me.. T__T will def try tao..nex time ajak u go...since like u 'very noe how to eat' oso le

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