Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coconut At Its Best

Malacca is famous for its chicken rice ball, orh jien, wanton noodles, from my opinion lo, but there's a hidden treasure, somewhere near Klebang.For those who do not know where is Klebang, it is the beach area at Malacca. Look out for the signboard for klebang or Holiday Inn or Mahkota Parade. If you are near Holiday Inn, you are only minutes away from the stall. Sorry, as I'm bad in giving direction.

I duno why, but everytime I visit Malacca, the weather is dam hot and so everytime I must have a nice, cooling cup of coconut shake to quench my thirst.

The coco-nuts.

The busy pakcik, who are busy opening the coconuts all the time I was there.

There is the normal coconut shake, where they will blend the coconut together with wall's ice cream, thus the creamy, thick texture. Or, you can have the special coconut shake with an extra scoop of ice cream on top of the shake.

Although blended, you can still taste the bits of coconut in your drink. Even a person like me who doesn't like coconuts, are loving the shake. The price of the drink ranges from Rm 1.50 to RM 2.50.

The smart -me, sits nicely and wait for the drinks to be served in front of me.

Look at the crowd, who are willing to queue up at the roadside in a hot afternoon.

Other than coconut shake, the stall also sells nasi lemak, mee goreng, bee hun goreng and some kuih muih. The bee hoon has a thick texture and is quite spicy...but I love the mee goreng and nasi lemak.

You can spot the stall on your right, on the way to Klebang. The stall is before Caltex.

My noob map.. or you can look up in google and look for Caltex Klebang Besar.

After the coconut shake, we went to the nearby beach for a walk. There is no soft, smooth sand or rich blue sea, but the wind at the beach is very suitable for flying kite. And so, we bought a small-sized kite at RM 10. Original price is at RM 12, we use our bargaining skill and ta-dah..can use te RM 2 to buy 1 more coconut shake.

Sho windy~

Add-in thread so that the kite can fly higher.

Our kite behind us, the lower one..haha

Yeah..see..the kite is flying so high~

Lucky us, spotted rainbow, abit dim, tho.

Lonely silhouette with sunset view at Klebang.


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