Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Decos Everywhere @ Pavillion

This post is special for pictures from the malls I went before Christmas... Just some random decos photos.. Enjoy.


The grand, ermm curtain that you will saw when you enter from the main entrance.

The gold steel angels greeting you before the stairs.

The reindeers.

The wide shot of the decos.

Random: Sad bears which is being trap in a golden cage

Mickey balloon.

The mui with reindeer balloon. I think this is cuter than those of the decos.

The balloons for sale, range from RM1 to RM5.

The heart shape balloon. Sweet. RM 1 each.

The montage of Pavillion decos.. Phail T__T

The whole theme for pavillion this year is golden grande...haha..i made that up..cos it is grand with gold and red decos nad it is grand.. lol...

Next up: Decos at midvalley... Theme : toys..yeah


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