Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chilli Pan Mee

I never know the existence of chilli pan mee, not before my internship, which is like, ermm 5 months ago...pathetic i know...but after having the first taste of it...i feel straight in love with chilli pan mee...haha..

My 1st bowl of chilli pan mee is at Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee at ss2. The ting that I love bout it is tat I can ctrl the spicy-ness and also the anchovies, ermm maybe its egg, also. But becareful of not putting too much of the chilli flakes tho, it is damn spicy. once I put in 2 spoons of that little devil into my bowl and there goes my tummy.

How to eat Chilli Pan Mee ???

Basically, when your bowl of pan mee arrives, just mix everything together, the egg,onions, anchovies, the pan mee. Next, add in the 'devil', remember to add in bits by bits, you will not want to waste that bowl of Rm5 ++ ( cant remember how much it is). As for me, I prefer to eat it with the other chilli, which is in a small bottle, every table will have one on it). I prefer it as the latter has a bit taste of lime,i think, rather than just being spicy like the flakes.



Last week, I went to try out on the chilli pan mee at Kota Damansara. Not much different in the taste, but I find the pan mee to be a bit hard.

After the pan mee, we went to snowflakes to cool ourselves down and then to Yau Kee to get some famous Kampar Curry Chicken Bun. I will cover the both in other post, I need to get some icy cool water to cool down my tummy after looking at the below picture.


sHaH said...

oh God!!! another food story that makes me hungry.. *sigh*

but it looks delicious!!!

Chong said...

There's one more chilli pan mee shop you must try...yummy as well...you can find it at chew yeong..same row as kayu and one more shop is at taipan, near domino's same row as cimb bank...same outlet as chew yeong...


meichi said...

xm: lol...i tink i had tried te ss2 de oso le...nice nice

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